The Aslef Union announced the confirmation of a tube strike on Boxing Day, plus the 18th and 25th of January. This means that there will be either a reduced service, or none in entirety on Boxing Day, affecting the Boxing Day fixtures. Previously, during strikes, there has been a minimal service, with the Northern Line being one of lines retaining most of its services. However, with no tube transport, it is likely that at least some of the  football matches will be re-arranged. The three games on Boxing day are Arsenal vs West Ham, Fulham vs Southampton, and QPR vs West Brom. Currently QPR are being defiant, insisting their game will go ahead , saying “The Boxing Day fixture against West Bromwich Albion will go ahead as scheduled, despite Tube services across the capital being affected by a drivers strike.” However it’s unknown whether the Arsenal and Fulham game will happen or not.