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Paddy Power Taking Bets on the World Ending on 21st Dec 2012


Not strictly a betting offer, but an interesting market nonetheless. Paddy Power are taking bets that December the 21st of 2012 will be the last ever, and are offering odds of 2,000/1 on it. This of course draws upon the predictions of the Mayans that the World ends next month, because that is the last date in their calendar. Therefore, if you were to put down £10, and there was a zombie apocalypse then you would win yourself a cool £20,000. However, of course, whether you’ll want to leave the same confinement of your house to battle off zombies to collect your winnings is a different matter.

Andy Carroll is the face of September in the Liverpool 2012 Calendar

This is good. Andy Carroll makes his first appearance for West Ham this afternoon.

14 Funny Shirt Sponsors You Won’t Believe Are Actually Real

How can either the opposition or the opposition fans take your team seriously when they are sporting one of the sponsors below. Believe or not, these are actually all real.

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Samir Nasri argues with Piers Morgan on Twitter

Man City’s defeat to Arsenal at the weekend surely signals the end of their title challenge for the 2011/2012 season. This particular result would have been made even more sweet for Arsenal as some of their players including Clichy, Adebayor, and Nasri have moved to Man City to greater their chances of winning trophies. Following the weekend result, Samir Nasri has taken to Twitter and becomes the next footballer to argue with Piers Morgan on Twitter.

Here are some captures of their exchange of tweets:

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Gary Lineker owns Piers Morgan on Twitter!

From today. Well done Gary.

Balotelli’s Stamp on Parker – Intentional?

Harry Rednapp was furious this afternoon as Balotelli was not sent off following what appeared to be an intentional stamp on Scott Parker. Certainly this video evidence suggests Harry has every right to be angry.

11 Funny Incriminating Photos of Footballers






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The only way to stop Messi

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