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Grand National 2017 Best Betting Offers


The Grand National attracts  a large amount of criticism, however it remains the UK’s favourite betting event of the year. As always, the bookmakers are keen for your business and are providing some pretty decent offers to get you to sign up with them. In fact, we’ve been covering the Grand National for a number of years now, and we reckon this is the year bookmakers have been the most aggressive to get new customers. We have rounded up all of the offers for your convenience.

Bet Victor

* Offer: £25 Free Bet – Paying out on 6 places
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Bet Victor are giving you punters a free £25 bet if you’re a new customer. On top of that, they are paying out on six places and actually are the only bookie to do so this weekend. If you aren’t familiar with what ‘places’ means for horse racing, take a look at our FAQ at the bottom of this blog post, but it’s a really good offer from Bet Victor for the 2014 Grand National.


* Offer: £20 Free Bet – Paying out on 5 places
* Redeem Click here to visit the Grand National betting offer

Betfair historically has attracted the more serious gambler with their exchange market, but recently they have broadened their appeal. For this years Grand National, they have a cracking offer, primarily for new customers. They have a bet £20 – get £20 offer for new customers, plus if you horse does not finish in the Grand National, you’ll get £10 refunded. They’re also running some offers for existing customers for the races leading up top the Grand National which is a bit more rare for a bookmaker.


* Offer: £30 Free Bet – Paying out on 5 places
* Redeem Click here to visit the Grand National betting offer

An alternative to the two above is SkyBet. Normally they have a free £30 bet for new customers, and that stays for the Grand National, but also they have a few more offers for the races prior to the big race. Like Betfair, if you have the time to check it out, take a look.

Paddy Power

* Offer: £20 Free Bet – Paying out on 5 places
* Redeem Click here to visit the Grand National betting offer

Straight forward one from Paddy Power. If you bet £20, you will get bets worth £20 free. They’re also doing the usual five places and non-runner no bet.


* Offer: £25 Free Bet – Paying out on 5 places
* Redeem Click here to visit the Grand National betting offer

Finally we have Betfred. Normally new customers only receive a free £10 bet from them, but for the Grand National this increases to £25. The improvement happens on Friday 4th April, so hang on before signing up to this one. 

That’s it. There are a few bookies you might expect to see here, but they are absent because they are taking away their free bet offer on the day of the Grand National. Just to wrap up, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions that we often see asked at the time of the Grand National.

Some frequently asked questions

When is the 2014 Grand National? – It’s at 4:15pm on Saturday 5th of April

What does ‘non-runner no bet’ (NRNB) mean? – Quite simply, if you bet on a horse, and it does not start the race for whatever reason (maybe it isn’t well, or alternative booked a last minute holiday for horses) your bet will be refunded. This year, all of the bookies are offering NRNB.

What does paying on places mean? – There are different ways to bet on horses. You can bet outright on the winner. Quite easy, if the horse does not win, you lose your bet. Alternative you can bet on the horse being placed. If it comes in (typically) the top five places, you still win your bet. It is at reduced odds though, typically a quarter.

What that entails is that if you bet a on a horse such as Tidal Bay to place, (currently 16/1), if it doesn’t win but comes in the top five positions, then you will win your bet at a quarter odd the odds, i.e. 4/1. It means you don’t win as much, but you are far more likely to win.

What does ‘Each Way’ (EW) mean? – When you bet ‘each way’, you are making two bets. So if you bet £2, you actually bet £4. This is because you have bet on the horse to win the race, but also to place (as above).

The 2011 Grand National Free Bet Roundup

It’s the biggest betting event of the year as Aintree gets ready for the 2011 Grand National. Lots of punters will be betting today and so bookies remove their free bet offers for the weekend. However has checked all the bookies and has a compiled a list of the  bookies that are still running free bets this weekend.

It’s just three bookies, but if you are looking to bet on the horses this afternoon, we’d certainly recommend one of the three below.

Bet 365 – £200 in free bets – Click here for details

VC Bet – Bet £25 get £25 free – Click here for details

Paddy Power – Bet £20 get £20 free – Click here for details

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