Month: December 2012

How the Tube Strike Could Impact Boxing Day Fixtures


The Aslef Union announced the confirmation of a tube strike on Boxing Day, plus the 18th and 25th of January. This means that there will be either a reduced service, or none in entirety on Boxing Day, affecting the Boxing Day fixtures. Previously, during strikes, there has been a minimal service, with the Northern Line being one of lines retaining most of its services. However, with no tube transport, it is likely that at least some of the  football matches will be re-arranged. The three games on Boxing day are Arsenal vs West Ham, Fulham vs Southampton, and QPR vs West Brom. Currently QPR are being defiant, insisting their game will go ahead , saying “The Boxing Day fixture against West Bromwich Albion will go ahead as scheduled, despite Tube services across the capital being affected by a drivers strike.” However it’s unknown whether the Arsenal and Fulham game will happen or not.


Boylesports Accumulator – How to Place Your Bet

Boylesports are Ireland’s largest bookmaker, established in 1982 by John Boyle. This article explains how to do accumulators on the Boylesports website, as for some people it may be confusing. If you’re a new customer you should be aware you can currently get a £20 free bet.

1. Find a market and make at least two selection

In the example given below, two football selections have been made. When you make a selection on the Boylesports website, they are added to your betting slip which appears in the top right of the screen. As soon as you make two selections, an additional section appears titled ‘double’, highlighted by the red box below. This is how you put on an accumulator, i.e. a single bet that is dependent on the outcome of both selections being correct to win the bet.

Boylesports Accumulator

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Paddy Power Taking Bets on the World Ending on 21st Dec 2012


Not strictly a betting offer, but an interesting market nonetheless. Paddy Power are taking bets that December the 21st of 2012 will be the last ever, and are offering odds of 2,000/1 on it. This of course draws upon the predictions of the Mayans that the World ends next month, because that is the last date in their calendar. Therefore, if you were to put down £10, and there was a zombie apocalypse then you would win yourself a cool £20,000. However, of course, whether you’ll want to leave the same confinement of your house to battle off zombies to collect your winnings is a different matter.

‘Phil Your Boots!’ Darts Betting Offer from BetVictor

On Friday the 2013 World Darts Championship kicks off with the tournament being broadcasted live on Sky Sports. BetVictor are running a betting offer for event. If Phil Taylor wins the Championship, BetVictor will will refund all losing Winner bets, up to the value of £50. In order to be eligible for this online betting offer, you must have made your bet prior to the second round commencing, which for those who are unaware is the 21st of December. This offer is made better by the fact that currently Phil Taylor is the favourite, with odds of 15/8 at time of writing. Michael Van Gerwen (4/1) and Adrian Lewis (10/1) are second and third favourite retrospectively. New customers are eligible for a £25 free bet.

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