Month: January 2012

Balotelli’s Stamp on Parker – Intentional?

Harry Rednapp was furious this afternoon as Balotelli was not sent off following what appeared to be an intentional stamp on Scott Parker. Certainly this video evidence suggests Harry has every right to be angry.

Arsenal vs. Manchester Utd Specials Roundup

On Sunday Arsenal play second placed Manchester United play, who are currently under a lot of pressure following recent defeats in the Premiership to Newcastle and Blackburn. It’s the pick of the fixtures this weekend so we’ve rounded up the best offers the bookies are running on the game.

Boylesports – Bet on a player to get the 1st goal of the game, and if they fail to, but score the 2nd goal of the game, Boylesports will refund your bet. More plus £20 free bet.

VCBet – Bet on 1st goal scorer, and they do score the 1st goal, and go on to score a second goal in the game, your payout odds will be doubled. More plus £25 free bet.

Betfred – They’re matching VCbet, but in addition, if your first goalscorer gets a hat trick, they’re also tripling your odds. More plus £50 free bet.

Paddy Power – If four or more goals are scored, losing bets will be refunded. More plus £50 free bet

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