Month: April 2011

[Shocking] The National Lottery Odds Revealed – Are YOU Still Playing?

If you’re playing the National Lottery then you may reconsider when you read this article. Did you know that if you want to win just £10, you would statistically on average have to play 57 times? No? has calculated the real odds the National Lottery offers and revealed the poor value it offers the people who play it.

For instance, players only have a 1 in 55,492 chance of matching 5 balls, but when they do they only win £1,500. To put that in perspective, if you placed a bet on a football accumulator with the same odds, you would win £110,986! That’s a prize 74 times bigger! Here are the full details…

Matching 3 Balls

Your chances of winning: 1 in 57
What you stand to win: £10

Matching 4 Balls:

Your chances of winning: 1 in 1033
What you stand to win: £62

Matching 5 Balls:

Your chances of winning: 1 in 55,492
What you stand to win: £1,500

Matching 5 Balls (Plus Bonus Ball):

Your chances of winning: 1 in 2,330,636
What you stand to win: £100,000

Matching 6 Balls (Jackpot):

Your chances of winning: 1 in 13,983,816
What you stand to win: £2,000,000

But if the odds and prizes of winning the National Lottery are so awful, why do millions of people continue to play weekly?

Most people playing the National Lottery have set numbers and the fear is that should they stop playing their numbers will come up. Ironically it is this anguish as much as the potential prize that leads many to play weekly.

Some in society will frown upon betting, but not playing the lottery. The National Lottery has done well to distance itself from the perception it is gambling through establishing a mainstream cultural presence, aided substantially by having a Saturday night TV slot. One is able to buy lotto tickets in the local supermarket or corner shop, making it far more accessible than other forms of gambling.

If you are going to play the National Lottery as a bit of fun, it would be our strong recommendation that you opt for lucky dip!


The 2011 Grand National Free Bet Roundup

It’s the biggest betting event of the year as Aintree gets ready for the 2011 Grand National. Lots of punters will be betting today and so bookies remove their free bet offers for the weekend. However has checked all the bookies and has a compiled a list of the  bookies that are still running free bets this weekend.

It’s just three bookies, but if you are looking to bet on the horses this afternoon, we’d certainly recommend one of the three below.

Bet 365 – £200 in free bets – Click here for details

VC Bet – Bet £25 get £25 free – Click here for details

Paddy Power – Bet £20 get £20 free – Click here for details

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