Your mates are boasting down the pub that they won £200 on their accumulator at the weekend. It sounds easy, just predict a few results right? Read some of our football accumulator tips and how learn how you can start doing them.

What are Football Accumulators?

Quite simply, football accumulators offer you the chance to bet on the outcome of two or more games. You will need to get both outcomes correct, otherwise you will lose your bet. If you bet on 8 football matches, and get one of them incorrect, you win no money. However if you do get all 8 games correct, you stand a chance to win big money!

How do they Work?

The reason why accumulators can be lucrative is that every extra event you bet on, multiplies your total odds. I.e.

You bet £2 on Manchester Utd to beat Chelsea at odds of 1.8. If this happens, you’ll win £1.60.

If you decide that Liverpool are going to beat Arsenal, a bet of £2 at odds of 4.92, you would win £7.84

However, combine the two bets as part of an accumulator and you can increase your potential win. Combining these two events makes the odds 8.87 and £2 could win you £15.74. The more games you add, the bigger you could win. Every Saturday I will pick 5 games I will try and predict. It makes Saturday afternoon football more interesting, especially if your club isn’t playing. I only bet £2 but I usually have a few wins a season and to date (touch wood) have always broken even.

What Bookie is the Best for Accumulators?

Most bookies offer the ability to do accumulators. At the present moment in time, Bet 365 are very competitive and in addition to up to £200 in free bets you can get, they also offer bonuses. You have to bet on at least three games, (3 games = an extra 5% bonus if you win) but the bonus you receive increases according to how many different games you bet on. Bet on 14 games and you’ll get double your returns. This is sweet, although bear in mind it’s very unlikely you are to get 14 games right!

Claim Offer
Claim Offer
£200 Free Bet
Plus up to 100% bonus on football accumulators. Minimum 3 selections.
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Claim Offer
£50 Free Bet
‘Safety net’ accumulators still pay out even with one wrong selection.
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Claim Offer
£25 Free Bet
A firm favourite among football fans. Loads of leagues to bet on.

Biggest Accumulator Wins

Here is a selection of stories about accumulators winning people a lot of money.

  • 2001 – Man from Staffordshire bet just 30p on a 15 event accumulator and won £500,000 from William Hill. Full story.
  • 2006 – Wife from Cheshire won £242,391 from William Hill. She placed the accumulator to prove to her husband and family that she knew about football.  Full story.
  • 2010 – Gambler wins £500,000 after winning two (yes two!) accumulators in one week from Sky Bet. Full story.
  • 2010 – A last minute 94th minute goal scored this lucky punter £100k with just a 50p stake at William Hill. Full story.
  • 2011 – Punter from Berkshire scooped £272,529 from Ladbrokes when they bet just £2.50 on a nine game accumulator. Full story.

Tips and Advice to Improve Your Win-Rate

We have put together some football accumulator tips for ways you can improve your chances of winning.

  • AVOID adding teams with short odds. Whilst shorter odds obviously means that the result is more likely to occur, it doesn’t really extend your earnings potential. What does do is gives your accumulator another game which could stop your accumulator coming in. If you want to win the sorts of sums in the previous section, you’re going to go for bets with longer odds.
  • AVOID betting on clubs you support, especially England! There are a couple reasons. Firstly, you need to be rationally and not with your heart. Betting on your team may make you favour them when in reality you deep down know they’re not playing well. Secondly, and this applies more to England games, you don’t get the best odds. Loads of people bet on England when they play, and bookies don’t give market rates.
  • AVOID paid for tipping services. Seriously, not even pundits or bookies know how games will unfold – it’s very likely the tipping schemes could be scams.
  • DO read the opinion of top pundits. Two good sources come to mind. Every week Mark Lawrenson on the BBC website makes predictions about the weekends Premiership games. The other one to keep an eye on is the panel on the Gillette Soccer Saturday. Usually consisting of Matt le Tissier, and Paul Merton plus another couple of pundits, each panel member predicts the outcome of the game.
  • DO read niche blogs and forums. There are too many to list, but generally die hard fans will give you insights that otherwise you won’t get. They will know if their underrated midfielder is absent or if their top under-18 goal scorer is likely to make his debut.
  • DO leverage betting offers. Different bookies have different offers for accumulators and you can incrementally extend your winning potential by applying a bonus. For instance, Bet 365 offer a % bonus on odds when you have a minimum of three selections. Ladbrokes have ‘safety net’ accumulators in which if one selection doesn’t happen, you still win. Plus Sky Bet have enhanced pre-set accumulators with improved odds. Shop around and get the best price.


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